6 Mar

information overloadphoto © 2008 SparkCBC | more info (via: Wylio)


As an educational technology specialist, it’s essential to keep up to date with current trends and articles. Each day I have to spend a good deal of time reseaching new technology and best practices of classroom tech integration.

But in my constant information gathering, I’ve become like many of my students, failing to follow through with the most important part of the process, evaluating and assessing my research. It’s one thing to share links with colleagues and save important articles in an ever-expanding “References” folder in my Evernote, but I want to do more with my information.


With this blog, I hope to provide an outlet for all the information I gather, focusing on ways to effectively implement new edtech sites, resources, and trends into the classroom. Instead of just being another source for new technologies and web resources, I hope to provide synthesis, analysis and effective guides for implementation.


I’m going to start by focusing once a month on a specific edtech trend, devoting posts onto the various aspects of the trend, helpful resources, and most importantly, plans for implementation based on best practices. As the months progress, I may provide updates to previously addressed trends, or scrap the whole format altogether.

About Me

I consider myself a librarian first and a technology specialist second. I’m no luddite, and have the tendency to be drawn to shiny new things when it comes to technology, but I’m adamant that technology should only be used in the classroom to meet specific learning objectives. In my various roles in schools, I try to serve as a conduit between teachers and innovative technologies, seeing where new websites would meet their specific needs.

Characteristically, I’m a lurker, although I hope to change that with this blog by finally contributing to the greater conversation. I also hope to lead by example, not just talking about how great the social web is, but actually engaging with it in a meaningful way.

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