Learning Objects

Learning Objects | Blogs & Articles | Networking | Tablet & Mobile Apps

Use these sites to locate learning objects including lesson plans, interactive resources, and educational tools, apps, and other resources.


Get inspired  with news and resources about education, search for learning objects and strategies by subject and grade-level, and join the conversation. Also consider accessing Edutopia’s Teaching Center on Pinterest.

NEA Tools and Ideas

Access articles and resources on the NEA tools and ideas website. Click on the Tools and Ideas dropdown to access Lesson Plans, Classroom Management, School Life, Teaching Strategies, and Advice and Support.

NYT: The Learning Network

The Learning Network provides teaching and learning materials and ideas based on New York Times content. Teachers can use or adapt lessons across subject areas and levels. Students can respond to our Opinion questions, take our News Quizzes, learn the Word of the Day, try our Test Yourself questions, complete a Fill-In or read our Poetry Pairings.

PBS Teachers

PBS Teachers is PBS’ national web destination for high-quality preK-12 educational resources. Here you’ll find classroom materials suitable for a wide range of subjects and grade levels.


Access learning objects, interactives, and mobile apps for use in the classroom.

Teachers Pay Teachers

An open marketplace for educators where teachersbuy, sell and share original teaching resources.

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